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Jamie Spooner

Artist’s Statement

Artist's Bio

My development as a painter comes from twenty years as an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Creative Director and business owner for a Web Design Company.

After graduating from Smith College I taught Art and Photography in Switzerland and performed duties as the Public Relations Photographer for the school. I also taught an intensive one week of Art History in Florence, Italy, focusing exclusively on the painting, sculpture and architecture of Florence. Because I lived in a central location in Europe, I traveled and visited some of the best art museums in the world.

I saw Rubens paintings in Munich, Rodin sculptures in Paris, the Pantheon in Rome and so much more. I returned to the United States to get into commercial art as an Art Director, but I continued to travel to Europe for another eighteen years.

As an Art Director in Boston Advertising firms I reviewed artist portfolios weekly. I had the unique opportunity to view other artists' work and styles from the buying side. I also briefly represented 4 artists in Boston and so I learned how to package and market artists from the selling side. This experience helped shape my understanding of the art world and how it works. In 1994 I moved into a digital world with my creative skills. I designed the second Web site for Microsoft Corporation. As a Lead Design Program Manager at Microsoft I designed the Web site for Windows 98 as well as another thirty or more sites for Microsoft. I participated in the Microsoft.com virtual team (DECORE) to establish design guidelines and standards for publishing sites on Microsoft.com. Some of these standards are still in place today. In 1998 I received a patent for the design of an Internet Radio Toolbar created for the Windows Media Player.

In March of 2000 I left Microsoft to start my own Marketing and Design firm, focusing on Web site design and development. In addition to Web sites we also design logos and print material for start-ups or businesses looking for an overhaul of their branding. Often I provide illustrations to our clients. Although I have created illustrations since I was 6 years of age, I started painting in acrylic and latex 3 years ago. Painting is a passion for me. I also have a deep love of animals and people. My work reflects my ongoing interest in people, animals and the psychology and play between them.

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